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well hello there. thought i'd stop in and write a few lines. not a whole lot going on but i'll keep going.  I'll start with March 10, went with daughters # 2&3 to a psycic fair at wings stadium.  A nephew and his wife were there too. It was very interesting. I was kinda hoping to get a reading but none of them really drew me in. Maybe next time.  I did buy some stones and a couple of necklaces and a dress that said one size fits all that actually fit!  After that we went to Saffrons to eat. Nephew & wife didnt like it. (they never had Indian food) they didnt like it. So now we know not to go there next time they're with us. Was planning on making corned beef and cabbage for St. Pats day but we planned on going to daughter#1s so the Mr. could  help with their barn, but on the way there son called, he was'nt feeling well so we met him at Jax. hosp. Everything turned out fine. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention the Mr.s surgery on his left shoulder, the Dr. had said he had a torn rotator cuff, but when he got in there there was no tear, so he just smoothed off the ragged cartalage. Anyway he has been taking it easy since then(or at least trying to) visiting nurse has been here about 4 times to help him do some exercises to build up the muscle. He had a Dr. app yesterday(21) and Dr. said he was healing up really well. Does'nt even have to go for therapy, just take it easy and do the exercises. Yesterday I took our neighbor to the hair dresser in Litchfield then took my Dad to Coldwater to drop him off at a Dr. app. His wife was there to meet us. (she just got out of work). From there i went to Meijer to pick up a few things, stopped at Mr. Gyros to get us something quick to eat. The Mr. had to go to Kalamazoo this evening(21) to meet a man that bought the big mixer, he got back about 10:00.   Ok, so today(22)  we went over to Albion house to get a few more last minute things out. They are closing on it(the house) tomorrow.YEA!                       so now i'm gonna sign off because i need to do a couple of errands and get supper started.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            So, till next time,                                                                                                                                                                          Abby

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