picking up from yesterday

ok, i'm back. not as soon as i intended. had to take nephew to dr. app yesterday and didnt get back till 7:00. stopped at horrocks, then got something to eat, then went to sams club. tired by the time i got home. anyway, i was going to go to B.C. again today with sister-in law but she called last nite to say she was'nt going to be able to go. she has someone comming over to fix one of her doors. oh well. been doing laundry . (yes i know i'm not capitolizing.) i do want to stop at joanns fabric, i have a coupon for 25%off my total purchase. i want to get some red gingham to make curtains for the basement (window over the sink) you'll see.  hubby had his surgery monday' dr. got in there and seen that there was'nt actually a tear, but the cartilage was ragged, so he cleaned that up. hubby pretty sore . i dont think it will take him as long to heal as the dr. said. we'll see. by thursday he was pacing the floor, getting stir crazy. he ended up going to the movies with son. .today he went to the neighbors house to check on her. she has'nt been feeling very good lately. she's been to the dr. twice this week.  i hope she gets to feeling better soon   i made a new soup recipe this week, cheeseburger soup.  it was pretty good!   i want to make kale soup next, thats always a favorite.  ok so nothing very exciting been going on lately.   i am going tomorrow with daughters 2 &3 to kzoo for (i think) a psychic fair. i'll let you know how that goes.  not much else to report, so i'll sign off for now.                                                                                                                                                       till next time,                                                                                                                                                                                       abby

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