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Thursday, September 7 2017

Sept. 7, 2017

Hello everyone!  Well lets start off by revisiting the lard can supper.  We had a very good turnout, i think there were 51 or 52 people here. Food was good, company was good, horseshoes and cornhole was played. Gpa. Daglow was first to arrive and the last to leave.( i think he really enjoys seeing everyone together and getting along and having fun) . Kalana took a lot of pics,have'nt seen them yet. She did send everyone a pic. of the group shot she shot, i think a couple had already left by then though. Next year we will maybe get it a little sooner.      Well the Mr. finally got his cement poured for his (car/boat)port, and tues. he started putting it together. Nephew T. has been helping.  I keep hoping that he will take some time to go on a little vaca. Maybe up north? My dream vaca. is to go to Maine in early fall and drive down the coast,( eating lobster every day) but i do'nt think it's going to happen again this year.       Still trying to get the garage cleaned out, need help with it though.   Sun. i went with daughter#2 to Saugatuck, a friend of hers had given her a couple  of tickets to the play "It should of been you". It was funny(,and so was the man sitting behind us) , anyway after we met up with newly weds and ate at" The Mermaid".  I had the lobster roll, #2 had walleye, they were both very good, ( kinda on the pricy side though), then we done a little shopping, i got a couple of stocking stuffers and some stuff for the Mr.      Yesterday Son came down and we went to Sherwood Ohio. We have a pic. of a garage dated in the late 1920's that says on the back it belonged to Daglow and Sons. We can not find anything that coroberates this though. I think we have pretty much gotten to the end of that part of the family tree.  I'm sure ther is more info out there but sometimes you need to take a break and refocus.  There is a lot of hard work involved in geniology. Some times it gets a little mind boggeling.               I was supposed to drive a friend to a Dr. app. tomorrow but she just called to let me know she changed it. She's having some bad days right now , she's been through a lot this past year, i pray for her. . Well i think i'll sign off for now, the Mr. wants chili today so i better get busy with that, he also will be taking the amish neighbor to get some pullets this evening. Always busy busy busy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Love ya all                                                                                                                                                                                        Abby

Tuesday, August 22 2017

August 22,2017

Yes, i am still going to do my blog. I just cant seem to get it on a regular schedual.  I did write one a few weeks back but i didnt "save it". Still learning and relearning.  The one thing i remember writing in that blog was on Aug.1, i was in B.C. taking my nephew to a Dr. app., after whitch we went to lunch. When we were on our way to the restraunt we spotted some thing in the sky. We learned it was called a "Fire Rainbow" and that it is very rare to see one. A lot of things have to line up at just the right time. Anyway it was really beautiful. Look it up!        On the 11th i went to puppy sit with Lola, on the 12th i went with the Mr. to Dexter for Dexter Days, he set some stuff out in his sisters yard to sell. On sun. i went with daughters #2&3 to South Haven for the Blueberry festival. The whole weekend was very fun.(yes i went back to Lola  sat.)        I made "zoodles" for supper one night, used garlic and shrimp with it and sauted the zoodles, turned out very good if i do say so myself. So here is a tip- when you want to crush garlic put it between 2 pieces of  wax paper or into a plastic bag and smash with a meat mallet, then just pull off the skin and viola!         On Sun. Aug 20th granddaughter #1 got married. It was a very nice and simple wedding. The fella she married is really a sweet guy,and they make a very nice couple. All the best to them always,(love you)!        Not too much going on so far this week but i'm sure that will change. The Mr. has been driving the amish to a job sight this week, just temporary, and he is making more cornhole games that he has orders for, so he's keeping busy(as always). I've been freezing sweet corn, got 56 bags. Stil trying to clean out a freezer, Was going to let son have it but i was afraid that there would be problems with it. It still works and everything, but it does need to be defrosted on a regular basis.( a real hassel. )             Well i guess that will be it for now, we do have another family gathering this weekend , so i'll let you all know how that goes.   Now if i can just get this right this time maybe this will actually publish!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TaTa for now and Love to you all                                                                                                                                                                    Abby 

Wednesday, March 29 2017

Long time no Blog!

Okey dokey Peeps, I know it's been quite a while since you last heard from me, so get a cuppa joe and get comfortable!  In the time I've been away i finished reading the 3rd Odd Thomas book, still good story line, and ok i cheated a little, the 5th book is a "prequill"(sp) so i went ahead & read it. I was somewhat disapointed by it because it is written in comic book fashion, but its part of the series so it has to be read. Am taking a break from reading just now cause got other stuff to do but am looking forward to the next saga. I have also finished a crazy quilt i'm made for a gift. will tell more about it after it is given.So ok, the 17th was St Pattys day, so i fixed a BIG cooker of corned beef & cabbage. We also had homemade rye bread,(turned out really good). Also made pistacio cake & poppyseed muffins. Daughters 1&3&#1 son were here for dinner(oh, also daughter#1s Mr.)   Oh ok tis is different- so in Kazoo there is this theater that has special events, well it's closing so the girls wanted me to experence it . It was a special feature of Zanadu. They passed out glow sticks ,wands &glasses and during the show you wave this stuff during certain parts & ohhh when they kiss & sing along with the songs. Very different & fun! They also bring your concessions to you. Anyway it's very disapointing that they are closing. (that was 0n the 19th). The22nd was a good full day, I took my sis-in-law to a Dr. app. then went to my eye app. We stopped at the nursing home to see her Mom,then we headed back to Albion & ate lunch at Genas. She's been in business for a while but i have never eaten there. She just opened up in a new building and i figured it was about time i tried it. SO GLAD I DID! Very good food & nice atmosphere. Will deffinatly go back.  And here is another thing that was so fun! On sat.25th Daughter#1 took me to Sauderville to learn to spin wool on old fashion spinning wheels. SO FUN!! and much much harder than you think. Well anyway i know this has been a really long blog and nothing too much since  Sauderville. Shopping on Mon., & puttered around the house on tues. & made a pot of veggie beef soup. So I'll try not to let this go so long without updating again.                                                                                               Till next time,                                                                                                                                                                                    Abby.

Tuesday, March 14 2017

I'm back

well hello everyone! Been a while i know. So i'll fill you in on a few things. On sat.the 4th a nephew and gfriend came over and gave me a "Reiki"(?) treatment. Oldest daughter was here also. Very interesting ! I have to say - my shoulder does feel better. They also gave me a "Labrodite" stone, and a crystal. Now i just have to learn how to use them.  On Mon. the 6th the Mr. & i went to the house we are cleaning out. brought home some boxes of stuff to go thru and some to put in the trash can. Wenesday couldnt go any where cause the wind was so blowing SOOO strong, it probably would have blown me over. Thursday was a good day, Gson came over to have Mr. look at his car,(leaking oil) couldnt find where it was comming from so he's going to take it to a shop .Gson went with Gpa to Jackson where they met son, they went to the movies-back to sons house to do a couple of things then went to eat at a chinese buffet. I on the other hand  went to the nursing home to visit a couple of ladies( took them some some carmel corn  that i made that morn, dropped of some stuff at goodwill then went onto B.C to JoAnns fabric. Bought some yarn and some fabric to make bags for Mr.s corn hole games(the yarn is for something else). Fri. we had a funeral to go to. A cousin on the Mr.s side. She has been thru so much and is gone way too soon. She was a very bright natured person. Sun. we went to Red Lobster, have'nt been there in probably a year. It was good to get out. Stopped to get a few groceries cause we are supposed to get a big snow storm on Mon. I guess everyone else was thinking the same thing cause the store was reallt packed. They actually had all but 2 checkout lanes open.Storm did'nt happen, we did get a little snow but nothing like they predicted. I am comming along nicely on the quilt i'm making for a wedding gift, should be done with it by this weekend. I'm going to a Pampered Chef party this afternoon, one of the Amish neighbors is having it. Should be fun. Oh by the way i finished the second book of Odd Thomas (Forever Odd), so far have really liked them, although Mr. Koontz gave me quite a scare in chap. 60.(when you read it you will know what i'm talking about) am now into the third book (Brother Odd). Looking to be as good as the first 2.  Ok then i guess thats about all for now so I'm signing off .        Till next time - Abby

Thursday, March 2 2017

just me

Thursday, March 2. Hidy Ho there peeps,been trying to get to this for a while now. Hope everything is going well for everyone. So heres whats been happening(not much really). Last wed. went to Jhonny T's for dinner, that is the nite they have all you can eat fish, ( the Mr. likes going there-or did) they have cut down on how many pieces they bring you and  it takes forever to get more, so he's kinda displeased with them now. I had the stifry, would not order it again.Sat. we took some stuff over to Mr.s sister along with a pizza and popcorn. Ate at Sandhill(Moonrakers) Mr had a steak, ordered it med. came very rare. brought the rest home and made hash for breakfast with it. I had a burger, (so-so). We are trying to find the best burger. We used to get them at the bowling ally when we were on teams. Wendy made the best, havent found one near as good yet . Sun. went to daughter #1 house to see her new fridge, (and new baby- such a cutie) they named her Lola. I think they said she was a jack russel chocolate lab mix. Also looking to help them redo the kitchen. Tues. we went to Dexter to Mr.s other sister to take them a printer. We had supper with them (chili dogs) good stuff! they gave son a sleep# bed, not sure if it will work out, have to wait and see. Forgot to mention last time, I finished reading the first of the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz, very good, looking forward to the next one. Also just finished Dance of Death by Douglas Preston& Lincoln Child. Very suspenceful.Will look for the next in the series. I have a real problem when it comes to reading, i have  very hard time putting it down. Yesterday went to sons house to help with a couple of things then he took us out to eat at a new Mexican place in Eaton Rapids, it was ok. Food was good but nothing spectactular. Anyway so here it is Thurs. Cold outside. Made a pot of chili, so I'm signing off now so I can enjoy it!                                                                                                                                                                                              Till next time!                                                                                                                                                                             Abbie

Tuesday, February 21 2017

Feb. 21, 2017

Hidey-ho people! Well here I am agin with more exciting news from the farm!  Sun. oldest daughter & hubby came over. Finally gave A, her bday present.(only 2 weeks late). She has been wanting a clothespin holder for quite some time now and I finally made one for her. Thats the reason it was late, I had a little trouble making it. I made it from a little dress. Probably would have been easier to make it from scratch.(would'nt have turned out as  cute though,).                                       Mon. went to B.C to take a car load of stuff off to donation. Hubby & I worked on cleaning  out some of the garage. Still some stuff to deal with yet, but it's getting there. We pulled out the greenhouse we bought a couple years ago,and am hopping to get it put up while the weather is still so nice. I would really like trying my hand at starting my own plants. I put out sooo many flowers. I'll let you know how that goes.                                                                                                           So today is Tues. Rearranged some things in an upstairs bedroom. Making a library up there. I have so many books! LOVE TO READ!  Will be spending some time in my sewing room too(i hope) got a lot of organizing to do in there. I would also like to do some sewing. So with that I am signing off. Got things to do!                                                                                              Till next time, Abbie

Friday, February 17 2017

my first

ok, so here i go! my very first blog.not real sure how this works,but the best i can figure it's like an open diary.Like any thing i do will be of interest to anyone else, but i thought it might be fun. Any way this all got started when we went to Owasso to eat at "Lulas Louisiana Roadhouse. we had read in a newspaper article that it was the best place for fried chicken,so we figured we'd better check it out just for the fun of it. It did not disapoint! SO GOOD!  I'm not really sure as to how the topic got started about me starting a blog, but my son talked me into it, so he came down and set it up for me, and here i am. Been busy washing stuffed toys from a house we are cleaning out. i will be taking them to goodwill or something of that nature and i will not take stuff that has not been cleaned. We have also brought a lot of stuff here to go through. It looks like a hoarder lives here. Slowly but surely I am getting rid of stuff. not just that stuff but also some of my own stuff. I do like to see if anybody i know wants any of it before i take it off.  The weather was sooo nice today and i was hoping to work in the garage cleaning but i ended up going to the leg has been aching really bad lately so i figured i'd better get it checked out. Everything turned out looking ok, probably a torn muscle( i slipped on some ice a couple weeks ago and hit right on my knee) Dr. wanted me to do physical therapy but turned it down. ok- so i guess thats gonna be all for this time. I'm guessing the more i do this the better it will be(i hope) . Today is Friday so I'll be watching Grimm. Till next time- Abbie